Serenity Group

Due to issues caused by COVID-19, we are moving the daily Serenity Group Meeting to an online format. We will use ZOOM as many other AA groups around the world are doing. Please share this information with Serentiy Group members and anyone wishing to attend. 


A Password is Required to attend this meeting:
Email for Password
or Whatsapp to +66816148836

Serenity Group Online AA Meeting
Everyday at 7:00 pm ICT (GMT+7) Meeting ID: 671 894 752

NOTE: You will be automatically muted when you join the meeting. Please only unmute when you are sharing (this will prevent unnecessary noise). 


By Phone 

1. Download the ZOOM app from your app store. (iPhone or Android)

2. Click on the meeting link (

By PC You can either: 

1. Download ZOOM and create an account. Then click the meeting link: Or 

2. Just click on the link and the program will download automatically without needing to 

create an account. 

*To Change Name for Anonymity 

Settings > Profile > Display Name. You can set as First Name and Last Initial 

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