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Website of the Thailand Sobriety Group Online of Alcoholics Anonymous

We have daily meetings at Noon 12:00 Thailand time (UTC +7) on Zoom

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Zoom Meeting ID 984-312-014 - No password required

Venmo ID "Thailand-Sobriety" for 7th tradition contributions

We are an English speaking literature based AA group providing meetings 7 days a week 12:00 Thailand time online with Zoom. We welcome people from Thailand and anywhere in the world who seek recovery from alcoholism. We especially focus on encouraging alcoholics to discover, study and apply the true program of AA as outlined in AA conference approved literature. Our meetings are often attended my many long timer AA's who are passionate Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book enthusiasts ready to sponsor and help new commers. We frequently leave the Zoom session open after each daily meeting for casual conversation and fellowship. We also give email confirmation of attendance on request at every meeting.

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Monday: Speaker Meeting w/ Discussion
Tuesday: Big Book Reading w/ Discussion
Wednesday: As Bill Sees It Reading w/ Discussion
Thursday: Big Book or AA approved literature reading topic w/ Discussion
Friday: 12 & 12 Reading w/ Discussion (no Traditions)
Saturday: Big Book Reading w/ Discussion (about 10 minutes)
Sunday: Living Sober Reading w/ Discussion